Cephas Hot Shop, Ybor City

Why does branded restaurant menu ordering mobile application is mandatory to Cephas Hot Shop?

Hey Cephas Hot Shop Team,

I came across your website https://cephashotshop.com/ and noticed that your Restaurant does not have a mobile application to place the orders from iOS and Android phones. The mobile app is essential for retaining existing customers and attracting new customers.

Having a trusted Mobile app helps to demonstrate that you have a secure platform for your business that allows you to directly reach your customers and address their needs.

By using mobile apps, your customers will be able to connect with you easily/quickly and you never miss a single order. So you can see it’s a great value for you and your customers.

Why you must have a branded ordering application?

  • A survey from MGH found that 77% of customers visit the restaurant's website before ordering food. Read more
  • As per studies, 70% of customers prefer ordering directly from the restaurant than using some third-party apps. Read more

Please check the features of our restaurant ordering software https://nextbrain.ca/restaurant-online-food-ordering-software/ We can help you to build the branded ordering application to your restaurant with Web, iOS and Android application.

Let me know your available time to discuss further.




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