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What’s the Right Aloe to Drink

Hi Cephas,

I have seen your YouTube videos and I am very impressed with aloe vera.  I eat healthy and want to incorporate Aloe Vera shakes into my diet. 

Aloe Spider

Barbadensis Miller variety

Which ones are actually edible?  To be honest I’m cautious about using it internally as the label that came with the plant says not for internal use.
I have attached a picture to show you what I have.
Any help you could give me would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards,


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  • admin says:

    The white freckles on the aloe indicate it could be from the spider aloe variety. Not a good one to ingest. There are over 200 verities of aloe, and you are right in being cautious of ingest just any aloe. The Blue Elf or Elephant Ear aloe are one and the same, just differently called by some. Cephas says it is one of the best due to it’s frothy foam it creates when blending.