Great Dane Eats Aloe For Health

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Close (813) 247-9002 Cephas feeds his Great Dane “Ninja” aloe every day for good health and clean teeth.


Anne says:

Hi Cephas – Fascinated to see your Great Dane eating aloe. I have a Great Dane as well and he loves aloe but I give it to him in his water. He recognizes the aloe juice bottle (live in UK so no aloe growing here) and as soon as I add some to his water bowl he’s straight into it. I also use the gel on his skin, especially on his paws, and to clean around his eyes. Aloe’s excellent for animals and of course human beings! Love your vids they remind me of home as originally I am from the Caribbean myself and of course grew up seeing nearly everybody at some time or another using aloe vera.

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