(813) 247-9022 – Aloe health information by Cephas Gilbert in Ybor City, telling it like it is! (813) 247-9022 – Aloe Vera plant health information. When drinking aloe straight from the plants by scraping the jell out of the plant and blending it with water and ice you get the most health benefit than any processed aloe on the shelf. (813) 247-9022 – Drinking aloe vera juice can help with fertility. (813) 247-9022 – Aloe vera is a biblical plant with a long history of being a medicine plant. One of the best things to put in and on your body. Many different vitamins, minerals, and health benefits. (813) 247-9022 1701 East 4th Ave. Ybor City, Tampa FL 33605  Cephas Gilbert talking about the aloe vera plant and how it is vital to our health.  His site has good research to a lot of medical issues drinking aloe can help with. (813) 247-9022 – Drink aloe for health, straight from the plant for the most benefit.  Processed aloe has lost a lot of the nutrients. The 3 most dangerous things in you house are your fridge, your stove, and your dinner table by Cephas Gilbert. Cephas way of saying healthy eating! 813.247-9022 – Aloe is well known for skin care, but there is no better way than to apply it straight from the plant. All processed aloe products have lost a lot of their original benefits, not to mention being watered down with preservatives added and coloring even. So, yes Mon, no better way than straight from the plant! 813.247-9022 – An aloe a day keeps the doctor away, literally! Drink aloe and improve your health. Aloe’s not just for your skin, but your insides too! And not just any aloe, and definitely not aloe that’s been sitting on the shelf, processed into a bottle, or even as a cream for your skin. You always get more benefit straight from the plant. (813) 247-9022 – Loose weight with an aloe shake a day. Healthy, cheap, and very good for many reasons. Helps with Diabetes, kidney stones, irregularity, colon cancer, low energy, and the list goes on. See what Cephas has to say about aloe for health!