(813) 247-9022 – Playing soccer at 58 years old with kids half his age. Aloe helps him with energy, circulation, and joint lubrication. (813) 247-9022 – Drinking aloe vera juice can help with fertility. Cephas tells all about Moringa Tree, how all parts from the roots to the seeds benefit your health. (813) 247-9022 – Cephas talks to Dexter about aloe’s benefits for health and energy. (813) 247-9022 – Aloe Vera plant health information. When drinking aloe straight from the plants by scraping the jell out of the plant and blending it with water and ice you get the most health benefit than any processed aloe on the shelf.
Cephas Gilbert In the video Cephas talks about going green with the foods you eat. You R what U eat! Kids born 1985-2005 are heaver (80-100 pounds) than kids born 1975-1985. A BIG thanks to FAST Foods. (813) 247-9022 – Loose weight with an aloe shake a day. Healthy, cheap, and very good for many reasons. Helps with Diabetes, kidney stones, irregularity, colon cancer, low energy, and the list goes on. See what Cephas has to say about aloe for health! (813) 247-9022 – Aloe health information by Cephas Gilbert in Ybor City, telling it like it is! Many thanks to the CrowBar and all who came out to support Cephas Gilbert of Cephas Hot Shop. One of Ybor Cities Icons and must have cultures. Health and Respect to all. Help keep our Aloe Man in Ybor: