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Portfolio & Price

Hello Aloeman,

I apologize for email again.

I was wondering if you got a chance to review my previous email. Please suggest if there is any update for us. I would highly appreciate your acknowledgement and valuable comments on my last mail.

Looking for positive response.

Thanks & Regards,
Depat Maikal

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Subject: Portfolio & Price

Hello Aloeman,
We are an IT company and develop products (Web/App) on different technologies; we are highly experienced at developing a successful Website & Mobile App.
We can help you build your product as per your requirements using cutting-edge technology at an affordable cost.
Do you have 10-15 min for a quick discussion about your product & our services this week or as per your schedule?
Please revert this mail, share your contact details if possible (Phone No, WhatsApp, Skype ID)
Thanks & Regards,
Depat Maikal
Business Development team