Cephas Hot Shop, Ybor City

Joint Pain & Aloe

6 weeks ago I was having so much joint pain in my knees, ankles and feet due to inflammation, It was really unbearable pain. I did not know what to do except pray to God that he would show me what I need to do to start feeling better. You must believe when I tell you that the Lord answers prayers. Well the same day I said this prayer, I was in Tampa or actually Ybor City purchasing supplies for our company when this very interesting man started talking to me about wanting to help me feel better and lose weight, etc… He handed me his business card and said watch my videos and then you come and see me, I want to help you feel better. The mans name is Cephas. so I said ok Cephas, and just that quick Cephas disappeared. So I did the research on his website, then I looked him up and decided to make some changes in my life, So I started drinking this fresh aloe shake the he makes. And today, (6 weeks later) I want to tell you that ALL the pain is gone, also I have lost 8 pounds and am starting to feel good. Now Cephas talks about a lot of foods that are good for your body and also many things we should avoid. I believe the Lord can visit us in many different ways, and I believe that this was not just a coincidence. Hope you enjoy this video as I did, All the Praise and Glory to God for this revelation in my life.

Samuel MacDonell