Cephas Hot Shop, Ybor City

Facial Creams or Aloe

What started out as quest to heal a mild facial irritation caused by a misuse of a facial exfoliator led me to a the discovery of a non medicative way use the gel from the aloe vera leaf blended in a smoothie to help me to lower and control my blood pressure , lower my blood sugar and helped me naturally loose some of my excess weight.

Approximately two months ago I stumbled across Cephas’s website on the internet detailing the health benefits of Aloe Vera. I was really desperate to find a means by which I was able to fix the problem with my face  but suddenly I stumbled across the benefits of aloe and its possible link to weight loss. I was elated to see that there could be an alternative means of getting rid of the excess fat because I was exhuasted by the years of  yo-yo dieting . So I immediately contacted Cephas and I recognized that he was willing  to share his knowledge on circulation and eating right. I listened keenly to all that he was willing to share based on his extensive use of aloe vera for over 57 years to maintain his personal health and weight.

During that conversation Cephas asked about my weight and my height.  I was a bit hesitant at first to disclose the fact that at 42 years old – I was 5ft 8in and weighing a whopping 304 lbs because of the stigma that surrounds obesity if you are obese like I am you will truly understand that it’s a bit easier to under state your actual weight to simply get by. However Cephas immediately told me that I was ‘killing’ myself as he will openly tell you . He clearly stated that all my problems lie within my ‘gut (small intestine) because I was not moving my bowels enough. He further explained that if I could only move my bowels at least 3-6 times within a 24hr period I would rid my body of a high level of toxicity, improve my circulation , loose the weight and feel much better.

Cephas immediately gave me a list of items that I should completely remove from my diet due to it’s high mercury and iodine content (lobster ,shrimp ,crab etc) . He also encouraged me to stay away from pork , processed foods that are packed with preservatives and high levels sodium.

I’ve now substituted my poor eating habits of high sugary, starchy and high fat foods for a daily intake of freshly blended gel from two aloe vera leaves – two main course meals daily which includes a wide variety of fresh organic vegetables , lots of mercury free fish , tamarind juice , some nuts berries etc. I only have whole grain/ whole wheat foods ( no white rice , no white flour ) , no regular milk(substitute almond milk), no cheese.

It’s now approximately  two and a half months later and I am now comfortably having 4-6 (controlled bowel movements daily) , I’m running around feeling more energized than I’ve ever been , my blood sugar and my blood pressure are within the normal range ( I monitor these daily)  I have been comfortably able to satisfy my cravings and not bing eat in between meals and I have noticed that my desire for high sugary foods has been drastically reduced. I have vowed to continued my daily intake of aloe vera juice in hope that it will continue to aid in my weight loss success