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Aloe vera and HIV (Research)

Peer-Reviewed Professional Journals

· Pulse, T. Journal of Advancement in Medicine. 3(4), 1990.

29 AIDS patients received 1200 mg of acemannan (the principal active ingredient in Aloe vera juice) daily as well as other nutritional supplements. Most patients who were symptomatic reported that within three to five days their energy levels improved, fever disappeared, night sweats stopped, cough decreased or stopped altogether, shortness of breath decreased, lymph nodes decreased in size, diarrhea stopped, strength improved and weight gain occurred (a desirable effect). AZT- induced anemia improved on this regimen. Significant improvement occurred in all patients to hypersensitivity skin testing at the end of 90 days. The Karnofsky scores of patients improved in 93.1% of the patients at 90 days and in 100% at 180 days. 51.7% of the patients’ T4 helper lymphocytes increased at 90 days and 32.2% at 180 days, with 25% reactive HIV P24 core antigen converted to negative at 90 days and 180 days.”

Laypersons’ Publications

· Murray, Michael T. The Healing Power of Herbs (2nd Edition). Prima Publishing, Rocklin, California, USA. 1993:34-35.

The author indicates that oral Aloe vera (especially its acemannan content) may be beneficial for HIV+ persons. The acemannan content of Aloe vera exerts antiviral effects against HIV-1.

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