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Aloe Facts:

Botanical Names
Aloe vera
Related species such as Aloe arborescens, Aloe barbadensis, Aloe perryi, Aloe vahombe and Aloe ferrox are botanically similar to Aloe vera and may possess similar therapeutic properties. The aforementioned alternative species are sometimes used in Aloe vera products.
Aloe vera is from the Lily (Liliaceae) family.

Parts Used

Aloe vera Gel (a thin, clear, jelly-like material) is derived from parenchymal tissue that comprises the inner portion of the leaves. (also known as: Aloe vera Leaf Gel; Aloe vera Inner Leaf; Aloe vera Parenchymous Leaf Gel). It is used both orally and topically:

– Aloe vera concentrate is Aloe vera Gel with the Water removed. It is often freeze-dried and used orally.

Aloe vera Latex (also known as Aloe vera Leaf Sap or Aloe vera juice) is obtained from specialized cells known as pericyclictubules that occur just beneath the epidermis or rind of the same leaves from which the leaf gel is derived. It is a sticky, bitter, yellow liquid that is the residue that is left after the liquid from cut Aloe vera leaves have evaporated. The principal constituents of Aloe vera Latex are Anthraquinones. Aloe vera Latex is used orally as a treatment for Constipation.

Sexual System

Aloe vera (Latex) should not be consumed orally during periods of profuse Menstruation or during periods of heavy bleeding between Menstruation (due to the ability of Aloe vera Latex to increase Blood Circulation to the Uterus).