Cephas Hot Shop, Ybor City

Aloe Detox

Samuel MacDonell  Rosalind Feliciano   I buy it by the case from Cephas Gilbert here in Tampa, Fl. Cephas has a Jamaican restaurant that really caters to the many who depend on the aloe shakes that he sells on his sidewalk juice bar. he has a website too: ww w.cephashotshop.com   Cephas gets his shipments out of Miami. The name on the case is “ALOE VERA SUPPLY” LOCATED AT 900 NW 22 ST, MIAMI, FLORIDA. There are over 200 species, The one that works the best is called, “BLUE ELF” you can google it, Its cost is 36-38 dollars for a case of 12 leaves. He charges around 5.89 (per leaf) if he prepares for you, so to save money, I get it and bring it home. Please listen to me, the stuff really works, Its foamy and bitter alittle, but it takes the pain away, detoxes (cleans like soap) from the inside, also helps with weight loss, I am losing weight too. Hope this Blesses you. watch the videos on the website, it will inform you of many things, God Bless You

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