(813) 247-9022 – Drink and aloe a day and keep the Doctor AWAY! Benefits of aloe vera plant in its pure form, straight from the plant instead of anything processed that has lost 80% of it’s natural enzymes, vitamins, and benefits. 813.247-9022 – An aloe a day keeps the doctor away, literally! Drink aloe and improve your health. Aloe’s not just for your skin, but your insides too! And not just any aloe, and definitely not aloe that’s been sitting on the shelf, processed into a bottle, or even as a cream for your skin. You always get more benefit straight from the plant. (813) 247-9022 – Drinking an aloe vera shake fresh from an aloe leaf is the best way to take aloe. Any aloe that’s been processed and stored in a bottle, sold off the shelf has lost it’s potency compared to fresh like Cephas does. Testimony of aloe helping cure cancer. (813) 247-9022 – An aloe a day can keep the doctor away. Drinking an aloe shake has more health benefits than you may realize. When taking a fresh aloe leaf and scraping out all the gel into a blender with just water and ice, you may prevent many health issues. The 3 most dangerous things in you house are your fridge, your stove, and your dinner table by Cephas Gilbert. Cephas way of saying healthy eating! (813) 247-9022 – Drink aloe for health, straight from the plant for the most benefit.  Processed aloe has lost a lot of the nutrients. (813) 247-9002 Cephas feeds his Great Dane “Ninja” aloe every day for good health and clean teeth. (813) 247-9022 1701 East 4th Ave. Ybor City, Tampa FL 33605  Cephas Gilbert talking about the aloe vera plant and how it is vital to our health.  His site has good research to a lot of medical issues drinking aloe can help with. (813) 247-9002 Cephas at Cephas Hot Shop in Ybor City is growing Moringa, a tree rich in antioxidants, amino acids and many vitamins good for your eyes and brain.