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Sun Rainbow
Sun Rainbow Cephas called and said to go outside and look at the sun! Nice... [...]
Kenneth Gant
Kenneth Dwayne Gant (born April 18, 1967) is a former American football safety in the National [...]
Cephas in the Hospital
It was serious, we almost lost Cephas! He went in due to an infection that had spread inwards not re [...]
Aloe’s Healing Power
While in the hospital, Cephas was telling everyone of the doctors amazement, that he was healing so [...]

swjiv I've heard Cephas say when trying to take care of an existing issue, like a cold, kidney stones, skin issue, cuts and the list goes on. Just see our health benefit pages to see the many. But he has said as many as two leaves before each meal. Too much though and some will have to cut back or stay close to a bathroom if you get my drift. Most have passed their kidney stones before the day is out, and colds have subsided the next day. The Mayo Clinic has called Cephas and told him to tell people if you do aloe every day, you also need to take potassium as aloe will reduce your potassium. V-8 has a lot of potassium, bananas too, but not as much.

Naveed Ahmad how much aloe vera gel shake can a human drink in aday?

Shannon Whitworth’s High Tide
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