Cephas Hot Shop, Ybor City

Cephas Tells His Stories of Aloe For Health!

Seeing as how you have got to hear this man speak about health, we decided to start his page with a video he has done.


Cephas has a way about him that many should follow. Not just in his knowledge of the Aloe Vera Plant used both internally and external for health, but in his kind nature of giving more than he receives. His smile is contagious and his manner courageous. Living life head on with many a tail of his journey. This man has a way of making all who know him feel good about life and with a pursuit to happiness.

Many who have come to know Cephas have praised him for his help with their health and well-being. Many with health problems, such as diabetes, over weight, kidney stones, acne, skin problems, fertility, vaginal issues, low energy to name a few. All of which are costing thousands of dollars to deal with through traditional medicines and surgeries, when in fact a cheap, simple plant has help so many. Truth be told, this man is blessed to be praised by so many! May his word help all who need hear him tell of “Aloe For Health”.


Joint Pain & Drinking Aloe Vera.

6 weeks ago I was having so much joint pain in my knees, ankles and feet due to inflammation, It was really unbearable pain. I did not know what to do except pray to God that he would show me what I need to do to start feeling better. You must believe when I tell you that the Lord answers prayers. Well the same day I said this prayer,  Read more

Aloe Detox.

I buy it by the case from Cephas Gilbert here in Tampa, Fl. Cephas has a Jamaican restaurant that really caters to the many who depend on the aloe shakes that he sells on his sidewalk juice bar.. Read more